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Venom – Hell

 {mosimage}From the very depths of hell Venom is back with a new album! 

Venom set a precedent in dark metal scene with their first two studio albums. Years later and after many changes in its formation, they are back on the track with the unmistakable voice of their singer Cronos, mastering the album from the initial track Straight to Hell and shouting like the devil itself in the fifth track Hell.  

Good drums work all around the album by Antony Lant like in The Power and the Glory or Hand of God, but sometimes the guitar riffs do not sound as brilliant as they should.

Die hard fans will be certainly pleased with Hell, although not the best album from Venom, a good effort. For others not so familiar with the band this will be simply a good album to add to their collection and a splendid way to discover and review older material from the Englishmen.  


Rating 3/5.

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