Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

{mosimage}Follow the funny life story of Dewey Cox, a fictitious musician who will overcome difficulties to become a super star.

Biographies of famous musicians have been quite trendy in the past years in Hollywood, like Ray (2004) or Walk the Line (2005). Now the rise and fall topic takes a more humoristic approach with this new comedy directed by Jake Kasdan, with John C. Reilly as the main character. Reilly has appeared in secondary roles in many comedies and successful movies during the past years, such as Gangs of New York or Talladega Nights, and it is nice to see him taking up the main role. Not an easy task to perform a character from the age of 14 to 71. During his personal trip through life, he has the chance to share stage with most of the music legends, and sarcastic and hilarious situations never stop.  

But apart from the compulsory doses of dumb situations that all good comedy must offer, it is admiring how Reilly masters his character in a way that we can really feel identified with him as if a real musician would perform in front of our eyes, and not just a funny imitation. In a way, Dewey Cox, with all his eccentricities, looks plausible for the audience, because that is what it is expected in a life of a rock star: excesses, mischievous behavior but overall a huge sensitive heart.


Maybe it will not make you laugh like a crazy madman, but it is a fresh comedy and pretty recommendable to music fans. It also made me pretty happy to notice the presence of legendary bluesman “Honeyboy” Edwards, whom I had the pleasure to meet last year in Estonia; together with him a long list of real musicians that wanted to join the party like Eddie Vedder or Jewel, and some other surprises with cameos of famous actors uncredited.


Rating 3/5.