Waltari – Release Date

{mosimage}One of the nicest
surprises in the Finnish heavy metal scene this year: Waltari with
their new album: Release Date.

Waltari has a long
story, being formed in 1986. The band from Helsinki started singing
in Finnish, but the changed to English language in the mid 90s. What
we have here is their new album with a very suitable catchy name:
Release Date. You can find powerful metal, raw and direct,
that could remind in some moments to earlier Sepultura, like
in the theme Wish I Could Heal.

In most of the
themes background vocals play quite an important role although Kärtsy
on vocals manage pretty well, great skills showing an amazing
capacity of registers that for some moments could sound even like
Ozzy Osbourne. The band is not afraid to experiment with more
electronic sounds like in The Incarnation Party, but they do
their bests when they just simply go to make business and release a
load of good heavy metal, like in the first track: Get Stamped,
which literally will blow your minds.; for my taste, one of the best
Finnish singles of last times, or in the not much political correct
Let’s Puke Together.

The band owns what
is maybe the most important requisite in music to get success: a
personal style that is transmitted from the design of the cover to
the lyrics. It was about time to have Waltari´s Release
Pretty recommendable.


Rating: 4/5