Willie Basse – The Money Grind

{mosimage}After 8 long years since the release of his last studio album, this legendary American musician is back with some good old-school rock. 

Willie Basse is certainly a busy musician on and off stage. Apart from having played with the legendary band Black Sheep (that counted with infamous members like Slash or Paul Gilbert) he also enjoys the technical part of working as sound engineer. Now, Willie is back again on the road and most possibly touring also around Europe in the next few months. What you have here with this Money Grind is a collection of classic rock tunes. Topics like pretty girls, sex, danger life… 

Everything looks back to the good feelings from early 80s in tracks like (Love so) Far Away or Danger Zone: double drums, sharp riff guitars, good vocal skills and nice lyrics, this album is all you can wish about if you are a fan of bands like Aerosmith, Van Halen or Deep Purple. But at the same time, this is also the weak point of the album, Willie does not offer anything new, and we have to take into account that we are already in 2008. Certainly is a great album if you are a lover of that kind of music (as it is my case), but there is still a bunch of great material in the same genre published in all these last decades. It is difficult to make a strong comeback after so many years, and although Willie will continue being considered as a cult name for good old-school rock lovers, it does not seem plausible that a greater success is now going to knock at his door, when was denied in the past.

In any case, not everything is about selling millions of albums, but just to be able to transmit a great feeling with agood doses of rock, something that our old friend Willie achieves once more. 

Rating 3/5.