Ajattara – Noitumaa

{mosimage}Under the hand of Spinefarm, the Finnish record company that brings some of the best metal releases all over the world, here comes the new (and acoustic!) album of Ajattara. 

Ajattara is composed by very experienced Finnish musicians that share this project with other bands. So musically, there is no doubt that the playing is going to be skilful. What is surprising is the genre of the album itself, that it could be defined as a kind of acoustic black metal. Yeah, it sounds strange, but true, and the point is that it works. The Finnish guys put a big effort on the instrumental work, with a high presence of different drums and string instruments, and the result is notorious. 

Ajattara is the name of a God of the woods, and certainly the music goes with the flow. Sang in Finnish, the album creates a mystic atmosphere with excellent tracks like Keuhkosi or Saatama palvoo meitä. Maybe the lovers of electric riffs and more hardcore black metal style will not enjoy this, but for those of you who are eager to open their ears to new experiences in the metal world, this release is certainly remarkable. Give it a try! 

Rating 3/5.