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{mosimage}Robert Zemeckis features a fantasy tale with an innovative mix of real image and 3D animation.

Fortunately it seems that Ridley Scott is not the only director who masters to jump from genre to genre. Long ago are the times of the emotive Forrest Gump, but Zemeckis reinvents himself once again with this Beowulf: a history of one of the last heroes, located in Denmark in the 6th century. A time where the sword still rules, and where beasts threaten the peace of the kingdom; creatures like Grendel, the not-loving-noise troll that disturbs the life of Anthony Hopkins as king.

Ray Winstone is certainly a nice surprise as hero, not an easy task to perform being young and at the end of the movie as the old king who regrets the sins of youth. Angelina Jolie looks perfect in the role of goddess of temptation that dooms the destiny of the ment she meets (reality and fiction once more are sometimes linked) and John Malkovich and Robin Wright Penn back up perfectly in the secondary roles.

The film is entertaining, and its format brings some fresh air to the adventures genre. Not a bad effort for Zemeckis, with a couple of outstanding moments like the fights against Grendel and the dragon at the end.

Rating 4/5. 

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