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Michael Clayton

 {mosimage}The movie is the last big winner of Hollywood Academy Awards, including prizes for the best film and best actor for George Clooney.

Directed by Tony Gilroy (also the man behind the camera in The Bourne Trilogy), Michael Clayton is a film to be tasted slowly, far from the fast-pace of most Hollywood productions nowadays. At the beginning the character of George Clooney is featured as a fixer of a law firm who is going through a very difficult situation in his personal life: drunkard and broke, having to face a debt left by his brother…

Clooney is not the man that every child or law student dream to become of when growing up, but when the plot jumps in a flashback 4 days before, he is going to show us that there is still a bit of dignity left even in business sharks; a role that suits like a glove into Clooney´s career, political worries and acting skills.  Tom Wilkinson as one of the litigators who goes off his meds and Tilda Swinton as the methodical and aggressive businesswoman who will make everything to save the company´s face are perfect backing up the story (reason why they both also got the Academy Award prize).

Do not expect here great special effects, twists every 10 minutes (although there is a great final one), erotic scenes of high voltage for spicing up the plot neither any festival of blood or bullets. This is a story about men who in search of tranquility in their souls trying to do something against evil. Not always an easy task in our society of capitalism. Michael Clayton is a rounded movie that leaves an excellent taste and catches you in its net.

Rating 4/5.

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