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Bottle Shock

{mosimage}Love, the eternal rivalry between USA and France…and overall many litres of good wine in this movie based on true events!


As a good Spaniard, I am quite a follower of the wine culture, not an expert, but from time to time I enjoy a bottle of good red wine. So obviously, the plot of this Bottle Shock was promising, with those amazing views of sunny vineyards around California. But the taste that the movie left in my mouth was not graceful at all. Big names and great actors like Alan Rickman or Bill Pullman seem to be wasted in the movie (especially Rickman who does not count with as many minutes on screen as he deserves). The story is more focused around the young friends Gustavo and Bo, and the irruption in their lives of Sam, a sexy female new worker studying the secrets of making wine as intern. But even the love story is twisted. Why the twist in the story, leaving Gustavo? It looks like the old prejudices of Hollywood for presenting multiracial couples are still far from gone.


In the end, you do not learn much about making wine, neither have you felt identified with the characters, and the result is predictable. A pity, because it could have been shaped into a much more interesting movie with a bit more of imagination and better direction.


Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: Alan Rickman in the few minutes he is on screen.

The worst: Why the character of Gustavo gets ignored in most of the second half of the movie?  

The detail: The main events related in the movie are

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