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The International

{mosimage}An intriguing thriller that will discover the dark secrets of international banking.


I must say that I did not have high expectations for this movie, but I was gladly surprised by an intelligent plot that will keep you hooked to the story until the end. Naomi Watts and overall, Clive Owen, show once more that they can act, apart from just being pretty faces. Ok, it is true that some action scenes like the shooting in the Guggenheim museum, go a bit over the top, but even those scenes have a certain realism and dark humor that fit perfectly with the story.


I also enjoy that in the end there is not the typical moral lesson to learn that appears in most Hollywood movies, and although it is basically an entertaining product, it makes you also reflect about the covered powers that rule the world in the darkness. When there is such a social awareness nowadays to international summits or every time that the FMI gathers together in any part of the world, obviously there is something deep rotten in our society.


A good movie, worthy to watch if you like suspense and smart thrillers spiced with intelligent dialogues here and there.


Rating 4/5


{mosimage}The best: the sharp dialogues between Owen and Watss


The worst: that Naomi Watts could have had a bigger part with his role than just been a mere support for Owen in most parts of the movie.


The detail: Jonas Skarssen speaks Danish with his family in the scenes at home.

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