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Eagle Eye

{mosimage}Shia LaBeouf is going to go though a hell of a time falling into the control of a “Big Brother” that analyzes all his Communications.


If you want to see the good side of director D.J. Caruso´s movie, it is good to try to shake some consciences in the fight for freedom of speech and rights to privacy against the hand of governments. Unfortunately, such an appealing idea falls into a nightmare of script. Half of what happens in Eagle Eye is just pointless, and leaves the spectator thinking “how the fuck is that going to happen in real life?”. Acting is nothing special, not even Billy Bob Thornton being able to save the film from resulting into a disaster.


As an entertainment product, it offers nothing special to make it outstand from the other million action movies in the market nowadays. And from the script point of view, I would send a couple of the scriptwriters to clean toilets in some remote school of Africa, and see if that can refresh their ideas not to make us waste our valuable time with insipid products like this.


Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: Michelle Monaghan


The worst: Can a phone ring in the metro for 20 seconds and the owner nor the other passengers realize it is just being stolen?


The detail: Julianne Moore is the one who takes care of Aria’s (the computer) voice.


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