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The other Boleyn Girl

{mosimage}Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman featured as the Boleyn sisters fighting for the love of Eric Bana as the king Henry Tudor.


Certainly it is a delicatessen to see Portman and Johansson, two of the prettiest and skillful young actresses in Hollywood, sharing scenes. If added to this there is also the presence of the always great Eric Bana, the result must be more than acceptable. The environment is also nicely portrayed, with an eye for the detail in clothes and the atmosphere of the 16th century in England. But sometimes I feel that the movie lacks a bit of “punch”. Although acting is good, the story goes up and down, switching the spectator from an utterly great interest to boredom.


Not a bad effort thought, but it left the taste in my mouth that the final focus of the movie was just to find an excuse in the names of the cast to attract spectators more than taking care of a story that could have had a better script.


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: Natalie Portman


The worst: Not very accurate with real historical events.


The detail: Spanish famous actress Ana Torrent plays a small role as Katherine of Aragon

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