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{mosimage}A movie where fantasy and reality gets mixed until converging in a shocking final climax! 


I had not idea what to expect before watching Flanklyn, so during the first minutes, as I supposed that happened to many of the watchers, I felt a bit disoriented. Was I watching a version of Roschard in a sci-fic movie, or was I watching a romantic comedy, or what? 

But wisely, director Gerald McMorrow, being this only his second long featured movie, knows how to put all the pieces together. Step by Step, you start to realize what is going on during the movie, and certainly it is intelligently built. I just got a bit disappointed with the end, which left me a bit cold. As well, some of the appearances of Eva Green can be a bit annoying.

But although not a masterpiece, certainly Franklyn is something fresh and out of the common movies you can rent in your local video store. It is worth a try, because surely it will not leave you indifferent. 

Rating 3/5 


{mosimage}The best: Bernard Hill and his quest trying to find his son.

The worst: Some of the characters can seem to be too much stereotypical.

The detail: Many people do not realize until the end that Eva Green plays also the role of Sally.

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