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Role Models

{mosimage}This comedy is not made by Seth Rogen, but if you like his kind of humor, certainly you will enjoy this one! 

Seth Rogen has brought to Hollywood the “nerdy” side of teenage humor. If American Pie opened fire with a more mischievous and sexual approach, Rogen has been the master during the last years to explode the humoristic sides of the topics that influence the young generations nowadays: videogames, porn movies, smoking joints… although in the end all this converged towards a moral lesson of keeping your real friends closed. 

Although Rogen is not involved in this one directly, friendship is once again the milestone here, the friendship of two adults, Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, with two children who need a real male adult that can understand them and cope with their anxieties.  

It must be because most of my friends are role fans, or because I am myself a Kiss fan, but I certainly enjoy this movie. It is funny, intelligent, a bit provocative but still watchable for all kind of audiences, and entertaining. You cannot ask much more than that. Both Rudd and William Scott make more than a decent job, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse shows once more that there is no better actor in Hollywood nowadays for roles that have to do with a teenage nerd with low social skills. 

Well written and well acted. It is nice that among all the bunch of bad comedies that invade us every month, we can still have a couple of good laughs with some intelligent humor. 

Rating 3/5 

{mosimage}The best: The characters dressed like Kiss for the final battle

The worst: that unfortunately there are young kids using the same kind of bad language as Ronnie does.

The detail: Paul Rudd is also one of the co-writers of the movie.

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