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Long-time Editor-in-Chief of Finnish Donald Duck magazine dies

During his time as Editor, Kivekäs innovated the magazine drastically,
among other things by developing it with more varied use of the Finnish
language (with lots of wordplays, references and synonyms). He also
started printing the names of the illustrators that worked on the
stories, which had been taboo until then.

During his life time, Kivekäs met both Walt Disney (1901-1966) and legendary Donald Duck illustrator Carl Barks (1901-2000). The latter he brought to Finland for a visit in 1994.

Aku Ankka, first published in 1951, is one of Finland’s most
popular magazines, both among children and adults. It is currently read
by over one million people a week, a huge number considering the
country's population of  just 5.2 million.

Aku Ankka (in Finnish)

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