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The Charlatans – You Cross My Path

{mosimage}Veteran English band The Charlatans come again with their 10th studio album that could be purchased by fans totally for free!

The Charlatans have never had good luck, when compared to other contemporary bands that gained them in popularity or in bringing new fresh ideas (Oasis, Radiohead). No wonder that the title of their 10th studio album is You Cross My Path. After more than 20 years on the road, many circumstances have crossed the path of the guys from Birmingham, so it has a lot of merit not only that they gave the possibility to get their new album totally for free from their website, but overall, that the album is a little masterpierce exhaling quality.

Tim Burgess masters the lyrics and the vocals and pieces like Bad Days, The Misbegotten, the easy to dance Missing Beats or the raw and furious album´s homonymous You Cross My Path. A pity The Charlatans would barely climb to the top level of worldwide musical attention, but it is still a pleasure to see how well they keep themselves alive and kicking good pop-rock!

Rating 5/5.

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