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Lost City Raiders

{mosimage}Global warming has hit hard on the planet Earth, and most of the continents are under the water. But there is still hope recurring to treasure hunters to find a token of salvation. 


This must be one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Actually, I think the best it has is the cover of the DVD. The acting of James Brolin and his fellows is horrible, the special effects are cheap, the storyline had some potential but it goes worse and worse… Ok, it is a series B movie, but yet, if you are releasing a film on DVD and spending money on its promotion, then at least it is expected something better than a movie that you would not even watch during “siesta time” after lunch on Tuesday afternoon.

Resuming, just a ridiculousmovie; it tries to imitate the clichés of the adventure genre and in the end people will end up laughing at how cheap the final product turns to be.  Unless you enjoy criticizing with your friends the poor quality of movies while having a beer and eating chips at home, escape this one! 


Rating 1/5

{mosimage}The best: A couple of scenes in the bar.

The worst: that there is money spent on making these kind of movies with so much people having hunger on the Earth.

The detail: Many of you will remember James Brolin for his role at the TV series Hotel. Most likely will not remember him for this current role…

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