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Madcon – So Dark The Con Of Man

The Norwegian duo has been able to make it through the world with their newest album full of danceable tracks!

First time I head the single Beggin' , I thought I was listening to Outkast. Although they affirm that their style is totally different, it is true there is a big resemblance in some of the songs, that wisely know how to mix hip hop and funky to create perfect hits to move your hips in the disco.


But it is also true that Madcon has a big variety of registers to offer, with songs sounding different. That is pretty noticeable in the collaborations, like in the fourth track Hard To Read with Noora or in The Way We Do Thangs with Timbuktu.

Honestly, when I just watched the cover of the CD first time, I though I was going to encounter another boring album of rap with people trying to be cooler than life. But I was happily surprised by Madcon. They transmit a good vibe to put you in the right healthy party mood. A notable effort by the Norwegians, that know how to mix the good Scandinavian way of working with the relaxation and cheerfulness of their African roots.

Rating 4/5

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