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Movie review: Jeff, who Lives at Home

I had no previous reference about this movie when I received the DVD. I had not seen the tráiler, and I prejudge after the first minutes that it would be just another shallow comedy about a 30 years old guy smoking pot all day while living at her mother`s place.

I have had already several dissappointments recently in the comedy genre, like for example with TED (I still do not understand why people find it so funny), so it was refreshing to get surprised by the subtle great sense of humor that Jeff and his adventures while doing errands around the city together with his brother display.

The Guard

The chemistry between both main actors, Jason Segel and Ed Helms (you will recognize him from The Hangover movies) is outstanding, and there is also added to that a nice subplot with the always delightful Susan Sarandon at her best.

The dialogues are witty and the movie is entertaining without being too pretentious. Do not try to find philosophical answers and instead just enjoy Jeff´s relaxed attitude towards life.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Jeff, who Lives at Home – Trailer

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