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No country for old men

{mosimage}Coen brothers strike back with another superb title. One of the DVDs of the year.


Ethan and Joel Coen have gone though a consistent career, able to create a personal trademark in their films. Most of the good features you can see in some of their previous masterpieces are here again in this superb No country for old men. The acting skills of the three main characters, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones are simply fantastic; especially Bardem here is at his best. Not just because I am also Spaniard, but I think everybody must admit that here he really achieves a great performance as the assassin Anton Chigurh. Even the resurrected Woody Harrelson plays his part nicely in the plot!  

Some acid humor and astonishingly shocking visual sequences make you get literally stitched to your seat during the whole movie. The Coen brothers also play successfully with the lack of music to empower the oppressive atmosphere of those dusty corners of the deep America.


If a friend asks you about advice before watching this film, it is a bit difficult to describe what this movie is really about. That is maybe the magic of the Coen brothers, to leave you with the feeling of having assisted to a masterpiece that cannot really be transcribed into simple words.


Rating 5/5

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