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Into the Wild.

{mosimage}Follow the trip of Chris McCandless to a new solitude life in Alaska.

I have encountered feelings towards Emile Hirsch. During this movie, sometimes he seems to give a very nice portray of his character, Chris, but some others he simply annoys me; something similar to what happened when I saw him in Alpha Dog. In any case, Into the Wild is quite an interesting movie to see. Based on true events, and in the book by Jon Krakauer and directed by Sean Penn, we assist through the movie to the existential trip of the young Chris, leaving all his past life in search of a new existence where the materialistic things are not the important ones. Farther than the reasons of Chris to do that, the more interesting parts of the movie are his encounters with other characters, and the mark that they leave on each others.


The movie wisely mixes drama and comedy, and there are some astonishing sequences where the nature is very present. But it is difficult to understand the utter motivations of Chris during his trips, and without the understanding and the identification, it is complicated to fully enjoy his wanderings around USA without feeling a bit uncomfortable and critical.


Maybe it is an excellent movie to watch more than once, because the first time will leave you still wondering if you liked it or not. At least it is good that a movie can make you reflect.


Rating 3/5.


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