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The Spiderwick Chronicles

{mosimage}Based on the books by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, here comes a new fantasy story!


Well, it is difficult for whatever fantasy title based on a book in the past years to compete with the excellent trilogy of Lord of the Rings. Titles like the Golden Compass have not passed the test to improve Jackson’s masterpieces…neither this Spiderwick Chronicles. In any case, the film is not so pretentious and just turn to have an easy plot to follow and some good special effects, but without an overdose of them.

Probably the little ones of the house will enjoy it pretty much, but for the grown up audience, this can be a bit too boring and predictable. In any case, the work of the children is good, and it has a very nice and funny final scene when the evil boss is finally defeated by one of the friendly fantasy creatures (that we are not going to reveal to ruin the final).  

If you have children at home, it can be a good option to make them sit in front of the screen for a couple of hours. If you are looking for fantasy films to enjoy yourself, maybe this product will end up being a bit too simple for your taste.


Rating 3/5.

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