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{mosimage}Follow the adventures and misadventures of Jane, a hardcore pothead who is going to have an interesting day…


Reading the opinions in the forums, most of people agree that they enjoyed watching this film while being high. Well, I was not high when I watched it, so I don’t know if that affected my “perception”, but I was not much pleased with the result.


Certainly Anna Faris has some good acting skills, and she matches perfectly for the comedy genre (her face will ring you a bell if you follow the Scary Movie saga), but the situations seemed to be too forced to be funny; all along the movie I just timidly laugh, but there was not real moment that I found totally hilarious. The character is portrayed more like a retarded person than like a funny pothead, and in the end you just feel angry about how a young talented woman is ruining her life for not having brains. If that was the intention by director Gregg Araki, then congratulations, because he totally achieved, but as a comedy film that tries to entertain, it certainly disappointed me.  

Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: Adam Brody as the dealer and the funny faces of Anna Faris.


The worst: when you have this special feeling of “why the fuck am I watching this?”


The detail: The woman who gives a ride to Jane in the motorcycle is the exuberant Natashia Williams, former wonder bra model.


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