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Tropic Thunder

{mosimage}One of the funniest army squads you have ever seen in front of the screen is going to learn a couple of things about war and the jungle.


Tropic Thunder is an intelligent comedy. It has a great cast full of stars that can also superbly act, like Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. or Tom Cruise, although I feel that Nick Nolte and Jack Black are a bit wasted and could have offered much more to the spectators. But the main idea of making fun of the cinema industry, coming from a bunch of guys who are some of the most powerful cinema industry characters nowadays, is certainly refreshing.


The plot is good, and it will entertain you, but maybe the second time you watch it, you will not find it as funny as the first one. All in all, it counts with some glorious moments like the fake sketches to introduce every actor at the beginning, the dialectic confrontation between Stiller and Downey Jr. or the exhilarating Tom Cruise, far from his usual image of perfect “super-hero”.


Rating 3/5.




The best: Tom Cruise as Hollywood producer with no scruples and Robert Downey Jr. taking the acting method too far. And the fake trailer with Tobey Maguire “Devil’s alley”.


The worst: Killing a cute panda is not funny.


The detail: “Simple Jack” character and the discussions in the film about acting as a total “retard” drew some big polemic with criticism by different associations.


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