Swedish musician Håkan Hellström’s new football video parodies the daily life of a football coach and makes you smile.
In his video, the singer depicts the hectic life of a footballer’s career with all the obstacles a player can face. Self-doubt, loneliness, too much supervision but also a career in slow motion, all subjects are tackled through his song and his clip.

This video clip echoes life itself, where sharing and support can help to overcome obstacles.
To take a lighter approach to everyday life, Håkan Hellström uses look-alikes of football stars such as Ronaldå, Zlaatan, Mezzi and Baeckham in this video.

Håkan Hellström about his video,
“As a football coach, understanding the impact of nutrition and music on your players’ mental state is crucial. By implementing effective strategies, you can help your players manage their emotional ups and downs throughout their career, including the end of it, and support them as they begin something new. Whether it’s incorporating music into training or providing healthy nutrition options, small changes can make a significant difference in your players’ well-being both on and off the field.”