22-Pistepirkko – (Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!

{mosimage}Espe, Pk and Asko are back with a new studio album, still kicking ass after more than 25 years in the music industry!

22 Pistepirkko is one of the best-known groups outside Finnish
borders. Considered a cult band in many European countries like
Germany, they never get tired of going one step farther and pushing the
limits of their non-stopping creativity (that leads them to play in
side projects or to concentrate on other aspects of art such as

(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah! has been produced teaming up with American Mark Kramer and turns into an excellent sample of all the different registers and genres that the band is able to offer. From the kicking first single and starting song Suburban Ladyland to the moody Lizard, 22 Pistepirkko exhales that special kind of confidence of a veteran band not worried neither ashamed to do just what they want.

When we visited the Keränen brothers 1 year ago at their studio in the centre of Helsinki, it was impossible not to notice their passion about music and their mastering in the use and mix of different techniques combining the old with the new. And their new release is just about it: catchy guitars and lyrics in Zombie, experimenting sounds close to the psychedelic era of The Beatles in Garbage Land or flirting with the latest British pop sounds in Summer Triangle, all their musical skills are poured into their new album, and the result is superb.

One of the best works in the entire band’s career. A must get if you want to understand one of the most fundamental band in Finnish pop-rock scene.

Rating 5/5