Mokoma – Luihin ja ytimiin

{mosimage}Mokoma, one of the most popular thrash and death metal Finnish bands has recently published their new album with a very catchy orange cover: Luihin ja ytimiin.

The five guys from Lappeenranta release their sixth studio album: Luihin ja ytimiin, and once more stitched to their powerful lyrics in Finnish language (another excellent work from Markko Annala, the lyrics writer, who by the way, does not like to include cursing words in the songs, quite an unexpected achievement in the genre…). But do not expect a classic and straight typical trash metal album here. Mokoma has quite a big cross-over style, and likes experimenting in the new album, mixing the rough with the smooth. The result can sound strange at the beginning, but after a couple of times listening the record you can realize how enriching the registers of the band are. For example, you can find in the four track Entistä Ehompi a style that resembles pretty much to Apulanta's latest soft punk rock, but the next track Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu is again pure thrash metal in your ears!

Nevertheless my favourite song of the album is Marras, with excellent guitar riffs and great vocals by Annala, closer to classic rock than to trash.

Maybe for the fanatic thrash music fans, the album can be a bit of a disappointment, but for those of you who like heterogeneous works with different styles and registers to explore, Mokoma has been able to reinvent themselves efficiently one more time. A must to hear if you like Finnish metal music!

Rating 4/5