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99 Frangia

{mosimage}Here you have a visually shocking French movie that will reveal all the dirty secrets of marketing and PR Business.


Yes! Finally I find a French movie I like! (ok, Amelie is another exception to the rule). 99 Francs is funny, irreverent, it always has a high rhythm, it is visually shocking and innovative, and the acting skills of the main characters are just superb. Jean Dujardin looks credible the same when he is snorting kilograms of cocaine or when he is in an isolated island looking like a lost rugby player.  

The plot is good, and shows the cynic aspect of the industry at the same time that you can have some good laughs. The sticky moments involving violence, sex or use of hard drugs are mastered in a way that do not result too much uncomfortable for the spectator, and on top of that the couple of female characters involved with Dujardin are sexy and with a great presence on screen. But undoubtedly, the best parts are during the monotonous business meetings, when you can see hypocrisy working at his top!


An intelligent movie that really got me surprised. If I can say something bad, this goes again for the distributors of the DVD, that once more forget to add English subtitles. So if your knowledge of French, Swedish or Finnish is not high, be ready to get a bit lost in translation.


Rating 4/5.


{mosimage}The best: the final yoghourt ad leaked on TV.


The worst: At the end of the movie you will feel like loving or hating yoghourt.


The detail: Porn actress Anita Blond appears shortly in the porn videos that Octave watches at home.

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