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Son of Rambow

{mosimage}A delicious English comedy about the friendship of two young children who get absolutely fascinated by Stallone in First Blood!

Although the movie has a slow start, I certainly enjoyed it more and more. Bill Milner as Will develops his character steadily all over the movie, although it is the young Will Poulter as Lee Carter, the school terror, the one who steals the show with a great performance. 

Added to the good chemistry of the two young new friends, the movie gains in intensity and sense of humour once the bus with the French exchange students arrive to the English school. Jules Sitruk as Didier is a nice fresh of air in the script, and he adds a colourful palette of connotations to the movie, from the fashion and new trends of the 80s to the melancholy of the outcast who is beloved more abroad than at his own home.Added to this, the religious resistance of Will against his community or the final scene at the cinema are some other great highlights of an entertaining movie. If you want to come back to the magic of childhood, this movie is a must see!

Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: The final scene at the movie featuring the final short movie finished.

The worst: Why English subtitles continue being “forgotten” in most of the DVD releases in Finland?

The detail: Director Garth Jennings makes also his debut as writer of the script.

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