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Pineapple Express

{mosimage}James Franco and Seth Rogen are brothers in arms with a common goal: to smoke the best marijuana in town!

Well, let´s try to forget the polemic surrounding the movie about if marijuana should be legalized or not, trying to focus on what this product offers. Obviously, not an easy task, if you are totally against the use of marijuana, you probably are not going to find funny this. Luckily that is not my case… so after having laughed quite a lot in some of last Rogen´s movies, I was interested about this new one, with a James Franco in quite an atypical role for him as a drug dealer.

The point is that I was a bit disappointed in the end. Do not misunderstand me, the action is good, there are some good jokes… but I was expecting “something” more.  After watching the movie, I have the impression that it was more about milking the fame that Rogen and Franco have nowadays in Hollywood instead of creating a really cool new comedy.

The soundtrack is one of the strongest points of the movie, but the script is certainly a bit weaker than other Rogen´s ones.; all in all, not a bad comedy if you like the “stoner” genre, but it could have been better with a little more of sharpness in the direction.

Rating 3/5

{mosimage}The best:  watching James Franco stoned.

The worst: That Seth Rogen´s comedy style is starting to become a bit repetitive.

The detail: The script was written by Rogen in 2001. 

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