Angel Blake – The Descended

{mosimage}Swedish-Finnish Project leaded by Marko Tervonen, which moves between thrash, melodic gothic and heavy metal. 

Angel Blake is born mostly as the personal project of Marko Tervonen, who was the one taking care of recording most of the instruments during this second album of the band. Later on, new musicians have been added and also left the band, until forming the present line-up with Tobias Jansson taking care of the vocals. Guitar riffs sound sharp; drums are straightforward pushing the lyrics and Jansson´s vocals skills, although not among the best in the heavy metal scene “per se”, are full of energy and feeling, fundamental to catch the right vibe of songs with a marked dark metal spirit, although always keeping a melodic line.

After the changes in the formation and the ups and downs, it is to be praised that Tervonen and company were able to release a work that sounds mature enough to be at the same level that other outstanding gothic Finnish bands, and songs like Anywhere in Here or When All the Lights Are Out are into my favorites of the record, powerful but very listenable at the same time.

Nevertheless, it will be nice to see the progression of Angel Blake in future works, and if the line-up is more settled and the other members can feel more participative to achieve albums that can make them move forward from the big mass of gothic bands wandering the stages of Northern Europe.

Rating 3/5.