no-man – Schoolyard Ghosts

{mosimage}After 5 years, it is about time for a new album of no-man, under k scope record label.

Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness are back on the road with Schoolyard Ghosts, a little treasure that goes deeper and deeper into your soul at the same rhythm than the xylophone that sounds shy but firm in the background of the introductory track All Sweet Things.  A collection of little jewels that make difficult to highlight just one, although if I have to choose, I pick Beautiful Songs You Should Know as my favorite one of the 8 tracks that will leave you begging for more.

A list of top calls collaborators such as Theo Travis on the saxophone, Gavin Harrison, Pat Mastelotto, Bruce Kaphan and the Philharmonic Orchestra of London to square an amazing album full of sensibility, feeling and excellent music.  A rich sonic palette, with some psychedelic moments like in Pigeon Drummer, painting a melancholic but shiny album that you must not miss in your CD collection.

Rating 5/5.