Astrid Swan – Spartan Picnic

{mosimage}After Poverina, the Finnish artist releases her second studio album. 

Compared to other female singers such as Kate Bush or Tori Amos, Astrid Swan is undoubtedly one of the most “exportable” Finnish singers, out of the heavy metal scene. Having released simultaneously her debut album in USA and Finland, and having toured in the new Continent quite often, there is no doubt that Astrid´s career is lead to perform in more places than just the relatively tiny Finnish market.

I must recognize that first time I heard this Spartan Picnic, I did not like it at all. The rhythms were too commercial, but after giving it a new chance, I started to like more Astrid´s vocal skills. Songs like This Could be Mother´s Milk or For Those Who Drown will make you move your feet and give a very positive vibe, while some others as Continents can make you appreciate Astrid´s quality as a singer while intonating a slow tempo ballad.

Still, if I have to compare her with other Finnish artists closely linked to America as Janita, I still prefer the later one. Not a bad album thought, but it will take some time to catch the fully taste.

Rate 3/5.