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Norther – N

{mosimage}Norther is a Finnish band founded in 2000, with Petri Lindroos as vocalist (previously he sang in Ensiferum)

The band features their fifth album “N” after leaving Spinefarm and signing with Century Media, company with whom was released some months ago the EP No Way Back. This new N has stepped into the Finnish charts quite powerfully, reaching the number 5.

Previously in 2007 they were touring around Europe, including a gig in the German festival Wacken, and they have also seen their formation reinforced with the drummer Heikki Saari. The band has a more melodic sound that others like Turisas or Moonsorrow, and Lindroos can exhibit his excellent vocal skills. Back vocals are good in tracks like To Hell (that for some moments can remind you of Crematory), good guitar riffs and a consistently hammering drum, although my favorite song in the album is one of the “Softest” ones: If You Go.

Norther has been able to make a difference inside the huge Finnish metal panorama. A mature work of a band able to offer a wide amount of variety in their compositions. Pretty recommendable.

Rate 4/5.

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