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{mosimage}Christmas is around the corner, and choosing presents for relatives, friends or your couple can give sometimes more than one headache. If you are Finnish speaker, if you want to give something nice to a Finnish speaker, or if you just simply want to improve your Finnish skills reading something interesting, FREE! Magazine gives you some tips about what Finnish books to buy. Because you are worthy to experience the pleasure of turning pages instead of sitting in front of your computer like a robot!


{mosimage}Vesala, Paula – Luoti, Mira – Kostiainen, Pasi – Ylönen, Hanna

An excellent book with quality cover, a bunch of great pics and many anecdotes that go through the career of the famous couple of female Finnish singers: PMMP. If you have never heard their catchy version of “Pikku Veli” at a pub or a bar, probably you are dead or your social life is equal to the amoebas. If your girlfriend is a fan of the band, go for it. If you are a heavy metal die-hard…maybe you can skip it. 


{mosimage} Heusala, Kari

Naisen Orgasmi

Top 2 in the most popular books list of Like. I wonder why…  Sexologist Kari Heusala writes a complete manual about how to lead your woman to the maximum pleasure. If you think that your girl fakes her orgasms, if she openly confessed you that she never had any, if you still get lost trying to find the g-point, this book is for you… and the other thousands of readers who will soon make it reach number 1 in the top sales list.


{mosimage}Finnish Design Yearbook 08-09

Edited by Anne Veinola

This one is in English language, so easier to target at a wider audience. If you are crazy about design and about Finland, then this is compulsory for you to pursue; great design by Top Dog Design and also great price.  The book is maybe not affordable for every pocket, but worthy if you want to own/give as present something classy and stylish.


{mosimage}Tamminen, Petri

Mitä onni on

Tamminen has written one of the hottest titles nowadays.  What is your definition of luck? This book has everything: philosophy, travelling, sensuality…  Sounds like a good plan to read on a snowy Sunday evening! 


{mosimage}Schatz, Roman

Pravda. Totuus Leningrad Cowboysista

When the most famous foreign writer in Finland writes about one of the most epic rock Finnish bands, the Leningrad Cowboys, combination can be explosive. You can love him or hate him, but usually Roman Schatz does not leave anybody indifferent.    

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