Apulanta – Kuutio (Kuinka aurinko voitettiin)

{mosimage}Beloved by the Finnish audience and a compulsory band to have in whatever Finnish summer festival, the guys from Heinola are back!


I must admit that it is difficult for me to be objective when rating an Apulanta´s album. They are basically my favorite Finnish band (singing in Finnish) and the one I started to listen to systematically when I arrived to Finland years ago. Apart from that, when we have met the guys for interviews or at gigs in the past they have always been very friendly and nice with me.

What we have here is the tenth album of a band young but very experienced, that was able to overcome some big problems last year with the distribution and promotion of their previous album by basically pulling the strings themselves and releasing this new one with under their own record company.

The guys are not anymore those crazy punks showing discomfort with everything around, which in a way is good and bad. Kuutio lacks maybe of spontaneity and rage, but it also shows as a more mature album with carefully built lyrics and good production. Kaikki sun pelkosi is an excellent choice fire up the first shot in the album, and although Vauriot decreases the rhythm a bit, the illusion comes back with catchy songs like Ravistettava ennen käyttöä, that sounds like it would perfectly be included in their live set lists, or the excellent Pakkomielle. The artwork of the CD, modern and stylish is also a strong point for the Finnish guys.

Maybe if you prefer the more powerful punk sound and attitude of Apulanta´s first years, this album could disappoint you, but otherwise it will provide you with some classic good rock from musicians who totally feel confident with what they are doing.  

Rating 4/5.