Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu – Kirkkahimmat 2000-2008

{mosimage}The charismatic singer from Ostrobothnia and his band offer a good compilation of their hits with some nice extras in this double CD-DVD.

Lauri Tähkä has climbed step by step in the Finnish charts until becoming one of the most beloved local artists by the Finnish audience. Their peculiar style, pop-rock that flirts with folk and traditional Finnish music has brought some fresh air and danceable rhythms to the music scene. What you will find here is a collection of their greatest hits for the past 8 years, with already contemporary Finnish classics like Maailma on renki, Reikäinen taivas or Pauhaava sydän. Also as a special gift, 2 new unreleased songs: Kaisa and Kuriittamma rakastamma and a second DVD disc with a live concert recorded in the recent Ruisrock festival and a documentary; excellent to check the powerful live shows of Lauri and his friends.  

I personally saw their gig at Provinssirock last summer, and certainly this guy is charismatic, much warmer on stage than most of the Finnish singers you can see around, skilled in creating a connection with the audience.

Framed in the invasion of compilation albums released now that Christmas time gets closer, this Kirkkahinnat is still a pretty recommendable compilation for both fans or people who want to discover a bit more about Finnish pop-rock.  


Rating 4/5.


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