Bryan Adams – 11

{mosimage}The Canadian Bryan Adams is back with 11 tracks for his 11th studio album. Guess the title of the record…

11 songs, 11 tour dates and 11 studio albums in his career. Bryan Adams has been around, no doubt about that, and wants to pay a little homage to himself and his extensive career as one of the most influential pop/rock musicians of the last decades with this new work:  11.

What you can find here is Bryan Adams deeply into the style that has made him famous (especially among the female audience). Good love tunes, a soft rock easy to listen and lyrics that are not going to sound risky at this stage of his career.

Songs like I Thought I ´d Seen Everything or I Ain´t Losin´the Fight are the perfect compositions for a soundtrack of a Hollywood romantic comedy, and surely they can rank high in the charts worldwide, but it is difficult to find any excitement or to foresee any kind of risk in the Canadian´s career.

Pieces of music of undoubtedly good quality to listen with your couple with a good bottle of wine on the table during a romantic evening, but do not expect any extra musical excitement here.

Rating 3/5.