Tracedawn – Tracedawn

{mosimage}Debut album from the young metal heads from Helsinki.

With only 8 tracks in their homonymous first album, Tracedawn were able to gladly surprise me from the first moment with the introductory track Without Walls. Nevertheless the guitar riffs and vocals of Antti Lappalainen can remind you quite much of the young Blind Guardian. Later, the fusion of melodic tones with rougher screams can make you think of other influences like Crematory, like in the fifth song In Love with Insanity.

The album sounds compact, and you can appreciate the hand of Nino Laurenne (guitarist of Thunderstone) keeping an eye there. Good quality that goes far beyond my initial expectations, although if we can add a “but” 8 tracks taste like little,  and 3-4 more songs would have been highly appreciated make the final product more squared.Tracedawn will be steeping into the summer festivals, like at Tuska or Sauna Open Air.  An excellent chance for fans of good metal to seize them on stage.

Rating 4/5.