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Chaos Theory

{mosimage}Follow the adventures of Ryan Reynolds when he discovers that life can offer much more than just what you plan beforehand.

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds must be one of the most envied guy in the world during the last months after it was announced his wedding with Scarlett Johansson. I find him perfectly suitable for comedies, and he was certainly hilarious in previous films like Waiting or Van Wilder. It is a bit strange watching him in a role of a more mature person, married, and obsessed with planning all little aspects of his life, but just because of that, he is again the right actor for the role when the life of his character, Frank, starts to be messy. There is a good chemistry among him and the other two main roles of the movie, his wife, incarnated by Emily Mortimer, and his friend Stuart Townsend.

Certainly is not a movie that will make your jaw hurt with laugh after laugh, but it is entertaining to watch, and there are a couple of memorable moments like Frank riding his brand new acquired motorbike or when he is running naked along the ice hockey field. As usually happens with those holidays where you get involved without planning much and turn to be the best of your life, life is also funnier when unpredictable. Not the best comedy of the year, but surely worthy to watch.

Rating 3/5.

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