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{mosimage}With more than 100.000 spectators at Finnish cinema, now arrives in DVD one of the strongest Finnish releases of the year. 

I must admit that I enjoy watching movies for children. I love cartoons, I am a fan of animation movies from Disney or Pixar, and I want to believe that it is good to conserve a naïve attitude towards the world, and never completely grow up (the “stay golden” advice that so wisely Coppola gave us in Rebels”. So I started watching this Myrsky with very open minded attitude. The disappointment was huge, saving the first 10 minutes of the film, the best ones due to the presence of those adorable cute puppies. Director Kaisa Rastimo achieved one thing that does not happen often to me, to feel anger for the time wasted watching the movie. There are films that I like and films I do not like, but not every director can be “proud” of making me feel real anger because of the final product.

 The point is that Myrsky is not a film for adults, neither a film for children. The parents (Laura Malmivaara and Janne Virtanen) are portrayed like clowns with no authority whatsoever over their children; the children are annoying in their attitudes, and nobody can ever feel identified with a dog with violent tendencies every 10 seconds. I don´t know if Kaisa was trying to achieve a Finnish copy for Beethoven, but certainly this movie is just a negative example of what to do with a pet at home, not showing any discipline and even getting dangerous when the “boss” is a girl of 7 with too many birds in her head. Apart from that, the plot is ridiculous, how a girl of 7 can still believe that she receives letters written by dogs? How can the parents be so permissive with the intolerable behavior of the dog? How can a dog become so aggressive when growing up surrounded by a friendly and healthy family environment? This is the first time since FREE! Magazine was created that I give the lowest rate to a movie, but believe me, Myrsky got it totally deserved. If you are thinking about buying a nice movie for your children this Christmas, skip this one. 

Rating 1/5

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