Children of Bodom – Blooddrunk

{mosimage}Led by guitar wizard Alexi Laiho, the metal wandering souls from Lake Bodom are back on the road!

Children of Bodom has become one of the most exportable Finnish metal band worldwide. Now it is about time to see released a new studio album: Blooddrunk. Being considered as one of the top black metal bands, it is not an easy task to please die-hard fans and more classic metal fans equally. This album is definitely a compromise for COB, trying to spread their music to all kind of publics.

The result is easier to swallow than previous darker albums, so that can be good and bad at the same time. Probably many old fans can feel a bit disappointed with the noise developing to more “thrashy”, but personally I like a lot the new album. It is full of power and great  guitar riffs, with the unmistakable voice of Laiho reigning in every song, but it has also some keyboards that can remind you good old classic metal from the 80s, like in the second track Blooddrunk or in One Day You Will Cry (that counts also with a brutal guitar solo).

A good step for COB to consolidate and amplify his market around the world. If you are thirsty to see the band live, you will have a good chance at the beginning of June during Sauna Open Air Festival in Tampere.

Rating 4/5.