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Things We Lost in the Fire

{mosimage}Benicio del Toro and Halle Berry are a strange couple sharing the same house by sad circumstances.

I was intrigued before watching this film, having Benicio del Toro in it (just recent winner in Cannes), which usually is a symptom of good quality in whatever production. Nevertheless, although his acting skills as a heroin junkie are as good as ever, the plot of this Things We Lost in the Fire turned to be insipid, slow and with a big lack of interest.

Halle Berry´s character does not produce any friendly answer during all the movie and some situations seem to be too much pushed to force a sexual chemistry and attraction when both characters share the same roof that really never works out.  I could save a couple of details, like the charm of the young children, and the excellent interpretation as a luxury secondary actor of John Carroll Lynch, but in general, I just found the movie boring per se.

At least, I have to thank director Susanne Bier that the final has not the typical “happy ending” of most of the mainstream romantic movies, so from that point, the film gains in honesty although lacks in general of a strong script to keep the spectator´s interest.  If you are a fan of any of the main actors, maybe it is worthy you rent it and take a look at it. If not, give a try to some other movie.

Rating 2/5.

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