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Crimes of Passion – Crimes of Passion

{mosimage}Formed in 2005, English Crimes of Passion brings back some good guitar riffs and sleazy rock for nostalgic of the 80s!

Putting aside weird musical experiments from other rock bands, Crimes of Passion goes straight to the point that made hard rock great during the 80s, with the boom of so many great bands, many coming from USA. The formula is simple but not so easy to achieve: powerful and sharp guitar riffs, catchy melodies and a vocalist with charisma. The English band scores really a superb first studio album where all these elements are combined.  Dale Radcliffe´s voice is clean and powerful and Andy Lindsay´s guitar is constantly pushing the melodies to make you move your feet listening to every track.

As some highlights, try to listen the first breathtaking cut A Thousand Strong (maybe the best of the whole record), God Made Me Your Angel or Unbreakable. Added to this, the design of the album is really cool, with the members of the band pictured in the back cover in comic style with reminiscences of Frank Miller´s visual work, where the black and whites take a note of color with some bloody red.

The band was touring during 2008 in the great comeback tour of Great White, a good chance to enjoy good new and veteran rock bands playing music at its best!

Resuming, the band delivers a surprisingly good and fresh debut album. Let´s pay attention to what the guys will bring in the future!

Rating 4/5

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