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Goodnight Monsters – Summer Challenge

{mosimage}Valtteri Virtanen and Matti Jasu feature their second studio album, full of positive energy and good vibes to have an unforgettable summer!

The guys from Turku started their musical career together in 2004 and after their debut album The Brain that Wouldn´t Die, here comes their second one. The record company behind them is the same one that takes care of pop-rock Finnish legends 22-Pistepirkko, Bone Voyage Recording Company, and you can certainly notice some similar features between both bands, such as the meticulous care for achieving a good musical experience, and the positive energy involving every composition.

From the initial track Black Labrador, followed by the catchy Hanging on to a Bad Dream, or the colorful guitar riffs of Keep me as a Secret, the entire album exhales a spirit of lightness in your heart. The title “Summer Challenge” could not have been chosen in a better way, since this is the perfect album you want to hear when driving your car and arriving to the place of your holiday destination. The feeling can be resumed similarly: this album is about relaxing, enjoying music and reminding us what is to have a good time. A positive attitude towards life that could be resumed in the 12th track: Better Times Comin´ Up.

If you are tired of too much melancholic spirit in Finnish music and you enjoy good pop-rock coming from the heart, surely Goodnight Monsters will be able to catch you instantly.

Rating 4/5.

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