Dear Superstar – Heartless

{mosimage}Another young hard rock band coming from the United Kingdom is knocking at your door! 

When you take a look at the cover of this debut album by the English guys, 2 ideas come immediately to your mind: this is a rock band with a female singer, or this is a rock band with dirty sounds in the best Motley Crue ´s tradition. The second affirmation is totally true when talking about Dear Superstar. What they offer here is a good collection of songs with a sound “made in Hollywood” that could have been perfectly signed by the cousins of Motley Crue. If you like this “dirty” rock from the 80s, with topics about alcohol, retaliation, rock and of course sex (one track is just titled Hollywood Whore), this is for you.  

The guitar riffs are actually pretty sharp and compose some of the best moments in the album. So basically this Heartless counts with the best and the worst of the American hard rock tradition (although the band is English); if you like the style, you will be glad to discover this, but if you prefer other newer experienced or just remain with the classics of the genre, this will add basically nothing much to your CD collection. Up to you if you want to give them a try! 

Rating 3/5.