P.O.D. – When angels & serpents dance

{mosimage}The Nu-Metal pioneers from San Diego are featuring their seventh studio album. 

One of the highlights of this album is the presence back in the band of Marcos Curiel. The album seems to be working pretty well in the charts, and it is nice to see how P.O.D. continues in good shape through the years. 

Although with some songs retaining the same old rap-metal style, like End of the World, the point is that this is album has a much softer vibe than previous ones. Many ballads and mid-tempo tracks like It can’t rain any day or I’ll be ready. Not necessarily a bad feature, since the songs sound great and with cohesion, but just do not expect so much of the old rage in this new album.  This new album is certainly a good effort for the veteran Christian rock band, very listenable. 

Rating 4/5