Deathlike Silence – Saturday Night Evil

{mosimage}The band from Turku release their second full-length full of good metal…and death.


Founded in 2003, this relatively unknown Finnish metal band should have a better destiny from now on with their newest release. Honestly, I have not listened to their debut album, so I cannot compare, so the analysis will be centered in this present Saturday Night Evil.


The album, being fair, is all but original. The style will remind you from the first guitar riff to bands like Nightwish or Evanescence. But technically, it is almost flawless. The sound is compact and the vocal skills of Ms Maya are delicious to hear. The tone of the lyrics is a bit darker than in the previously mentioned bands, with the topic of death always present in the album. Honestly, I do not think that it was needed to give such a big “dark” touch to the band, because the rhythms suit better with more epic and historical lyrics, but the result in any case is acceptable, and as a nice special surprise, they delight us with a cool version of the classic from Mike Oldfield Moonlight Shadow. Otherwise, pay attention to tracks like And you Cry or the bleeding guitar riffs of Dagon, and you will not get disappointed.


Deathlike Silence shows once more that Finland seems to be a never ending cradle for amazing metal bands. And hopefully the trend will go on for many more years!


Rating 4/5.