Marty the Random Guy – Hooks

{mosimage}Also from Turku comes Masa Laine, aka Marty the Random Guy, featuring his new splendid debut album.


I have a special weakness for independent musicians who self-produce their debut albums. I have also struggled hard in life to do what I wanted, and I appreciate the effort of taking risks and releasing a record without the backing up of a big company. And if the record happens to be as good as this Hooks, then the effort is double worthy! Hooks offer a good collection of songs that wisely mix blues, folk and rock in a way that can remind you, overall in the introductory track also called Hooks, to Led Zepellin. But the album is not a hard rock album.


The rhythms remind you more a kind of garage-blues, dirty vocals, a man and a guitar weeping like in the touchy where the story ends, and resuming, a work that sounds fresh and spontaneous, simple but classy.


We know that Marty is nowadays looking for more venues to play all over Finland, so we wish him good luck and advise the promoters to give a chance to this talented artist. Audience won´t get disappointed!


Rating 4/5.