The Souls – The Grand Confusion

{mosimage}Finnish record company Spinefarm seems to be determined to provide us with a bunch of great records every month. Here comes the debut full-length for these 3 Finnish souls. 

The Souls are Jani Orpana in the guitar and vocals, Antti Takalo in the bass and Toni Orpana in the drums. The trio from Kymenlaakso is stepping firmly into the Finnish music scene with a notable debut work. Spinefarm records shows once more that is able to handle excellent bands that not only play metal. With their garage rock, The Souls are a nice surprise. Their start can remind you a bit to the Swedes The Hives in Wounded Soul and certainly you can notice some influence from the actual Swedish rock, but also a bigger scope that directs to the rock of the 70s. The album becomes more introspective and slower with the pass of tracks like in the relaxing Goodbye and has a sweet reminiscence to the sound of Hendrix in songs like Motherland. The next one Harder When I come Around has nothing to envy to their Finnish colleagues Flaming Sideburns. 

The Souls are a technically skilful band and all in all, a colourful album where every song adds something to the final result. Pretty recommendable! 

Rating 4/5.