Marenne – The Past Prelude

{mosimage}Formed in 2007 and alter the success of their first single Pretty White Dress, it is about time to see the results of their work together with their first full length!


Although being the debut album for Marenne, their musicians are far from being just beginners. Zachary Hietala and Janne Tolsa come from legendary band Tarot, while Jukka Jylli is also an experienced musician who belonged previously to bands like Mannerheim.


Added to all this talent together, the cherry on top of t he cake is the marvelous voice of the female singer, Marenne. It is not easy to play epic metal with a female singer and not falling into comparisons with Nightwish, but certainly Marenne, although of course is close to the style of the previously mentioned, are able also to create their own atmosphere with riffs that drink from the British rock of the 70s.


The album sounds great, squared, measured and beautiful. Maybe nothing extraordinarily provoking or innovative, but very composed and balanced. Every track is a delight for the fans of melodic metal, and if I have to put a “but”, I would say that it is a pity that the record has only 10 tracks (but this seems to be the trend nowadays).

All in all, a very favorable first impression and a promising future for this new super talented band!


Rating 4/5.